Carson | Motherhood Short Sessions | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

Baby Carson and his beautiful mama came to my house for a motherhood short session this March and it just solidified my love for motherhood sessions even more. I certainly didn't think that was even possible... 
These sessions are exclusively for mama's and their babies. 
Why should you consider a motherhood session at my home? Here are some reasons:

1.) You'll be so happy you have photographs of you and your baby because baby's don't keep, and how often are you in front of the lens? They are intimate, special and so sweet.

2.) I have a rack of dresses for you to choose from, so it takes the stress out of picking out an outfit! 

3.) With that being said... you also don't have to clean up your home or worry about where we are going to shoot! Everything will be prepared and ready for you upon your arrival!

4.) Since I don't offer "mini sessions" this is the closest to a "mini" in that it's only 30-40 minutes long, more affordable, and the perfect treat to yourself. 

So, how do you book? Visit my website and let's pick a date! <3

I'll leave you with this adorable duo... 

The days are long but the years are short.
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Lydia | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Sweet Lydia graced this beautiful family of four early this month and made this beauty a big sister! The last time I saw this adorable family was when Emme, now 2, was a newborn. So happy to be invited back into their home to capture all the snuggles saved up for their new baby girl. Congratulations Beth & Kyle! 


Nico | Massachusetts Photographer | Lifestyle Motherhood Sessions

Sweet baby Nico and his momma Danielle were the sweetest way to break in my "in-home studio"  for 2018. I've always been an on-location photographer, traveling to my clients homes, meeting at common outdoor locations, and really capturing the essence of family and love in an environment my client is most comfortable. With the addition of a new sunroom in my Rutland home, I've decided to take a limited amount of motherhood sessions in my home. These lifestyle sessions emphasizing on connection and love will be offered throughout the year at a first come, first serve basis. For more information visit my website or send me an email! <3


The B Family | Massachusetts Lifestyle Family Photographer

Another fellow photographer contacted me to shoot her beautiful family. Always the best compliment... they drove 2 hours to meet me and they were filled with love and light. I just sat back and watched how they interacted, captured those smiles and hugs and I think the result is pretty special. Here's to your story... your family... and your happily ever after <3

Thank you for choosing me to tell a little piece of your story.

The H Family | Falmouth Beach Session | Massachusetts Family Photographer

I met this family when they were welcoming their sweet baby boy, Grey home. 
He was just weeks old and his two older sisters were completely smitten. I sort of fell in love with these five right away. They were just SO natural and in the moment-- making my job easy as pie.

I was fortunate enough to capture a mama & me session for Krista and her babies back in February and loved everything about it. It was real, raw, natural and so much fun. She shared with me that they'd be moving to Texas in the summer and they wanted to plan one more family session, this time at the beach. 

Man, have I been lucky to have captured some really beautiful moments in this family's life. They left Massachusetts with memories of the beach. With some salt in their hair and sand in their toes and they were off to a new adventure in their new home state of Texas. I wish them all the best, and I will forever be grateful that they came back to me two more times after that first session <3

Cheers to clients that leave a special place in your heart <3

Baby M | Massachusetts Maternity Photographer

Some of my very favorite sessions are maternity. Especially for new parents... there's something about the excitement in their eyes and love they share together that will soon overflow to a little being they've created. These beautiful people are expecting their first baby just next month. They've kept the sex a surprise and I'm 100% certain it will be the best surprise of their life. Congratulations to Jill and Mike. I cannot wait to meet your sweet little love <3

Harrison | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Their first child, their first son, everything about this dynamic brought me back to those feelings I felt bringing home my first little boy. Man, there's nothing better. Diana absolutely killed it in the nursery, making this the most adorable and chic jungle themes I've ever seen. Can't get enough of this sweet session. Congratulations Diana and Nick! xo

Liliana | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

My sweet friend had her beautiful baby girl back in April and watching her smitten in love with her baby girl for an hour was simply the best. Congratulations Kate and Tony! Your family is to die for and I'm blessed to know you. 

Declan | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I have been so behind in blogging and thought to myself, what better way to get back on the train then to share this sweet family? They welcomed their first son, Declan into their home just this past March. This little 6 week old session was the sweetest...

Blake | Four Month Sessions | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

This blog post is really just a PSA. What public service announcement you ask? Let me share with you the beauty of a four month session. When you think "milestone" sessions, you think newborn, 6 month or (sitter) and first year. Somehow three, four and five months get lost in the mix and I swear to you they're my very favorites! 

This is Blake at four months. She is bright eyed, chubby, interactive and seriously the sweetest most adorable little thing. It's the perfect time to capture the beauty of your scrumptious babe <3
They are eager to smile, grab their toes, interact with their mamas and family, and really just all around delicious. 

So if you haven't seen a 4 month session before, and you're curious to all of my hype over them. Look no further... here's Blake, long live four month sessions- the essence of "baby."

Hoffman Mama & Me | Lifestyle Session | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

The importance of a Mama & Me session. I've touched on it before, several times... but I feel like if it was really received well, if it was driven home the way I think it should be, more people would be booking sessions like these.

When I get inquiries from mothers who want me to come into their home and document the love they have for their children, I melt. Really though, I think it's the most incredible thing for a mother to value this amazing time so much to hire a photographer to document it before it passes. Too often I hear from mother's "I wish I had a photograph like that of me and my babies." or "I'm always behind the camera, never in front of it with them." Change that. Once a year, once every other year, whenever you see fit, change it. Make it happen. 
Don't regret what you can so easily change. You're the most important person, soul, heart, thing, being in your children's life... but for how long? When does that change? The thought is daunting, so why not make sure you capture the time when YOU were all that they adored, why not document all of your joy & hard work. Treat yourself to the gift of photographs with your children. If it's not one of your most prized possessions now, it will be later. Freeze the best days of your life, even if it's just for a second. 

These moments are everything. Family is everything. Don't let it pass too quick without documenting it, if not for yourself, for your children. <3

3 month old Evelyn | Lifestyle Session

I think I need more three month sessions. Let me explain why. Their sweet smiles, their chub, their connection with their mama and dad, their fat thighs, their giggle, and their adorableness. 
Lifestyle sessions with a 3-5 month baby is bliss. <3

A Mother's Love | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer | Mom & Me session

The essence of motherhood. Right here. 
There are so many reasons why I love mama & me sessions... here's so many examples of that. <3

I'm taking bookings for these throughout the winter and spring, so give a gift to yourself, and email me. You won't regret it.

Baby Brother | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This family without a doubt made photographing them a complete dream. 
They were natural, sweet, kind, lovable and oozing with love over their new baby boy. 
Their home was filled with love and light and I am completely in love with how the session turned out. 
Moving here from California, she told me she was looking for a lifestyle photographer to capture the welcoming of her baby and stumbled upon me on the internet. I think that is such an incredible compliment that among all of the talent here in Massachusetts, she happened to find me and choose me. 
I am so grateful that she did <3

All of my love to this beautiful family of five...


Mama & Me | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

I recently shot one of these beautiful mama & me sessions for a very talented local photographer. Mary of Pebbles and Polka Dots has been on my radar since well before I even picked up a camera. She's got such a successful local business and I can't tell you what an honor it was to be asked to photograph her and her sweet babies. It was so nice to let her just be with her babes and capture it all. 
Mary, you and your children are the sweetest and I hope you love these as much as I enjoyed shooting them <3



Medusa Brewing Co. | Hudson, MA | Massachusetts Fine Art Photographer

Medusa Brewing Company opened it's doors in March of 2015. Their growth in success in just over one year has been nothing short of amazing, but completely expected. The beer hall is inviting and warm and exactly where you'd like to enjoy a cold brew, with a 50 foot bar and cozy and inviting tables, there's plenty of room for all. Aside from that they have live music, trivia nights and more-- check out their calendar. Recently they were congratulated in the Boston Harold "Medusa’s Duchovni pilsner was voted world’s best by a panel of expert beer judges, squaring off against 64 other entries from America’s top craft breweries, as well as the best from European beer makers who pioneered this classic continental lager style." (Kerry J. Byrne, author) you can read the article here.

Needless to say, if you haven't been to Medusa, you need to. Located on Main street in Hudson, MA they are BYOF (bring your own food), and they've got all the beer you need.

I was honored to be asked to photograph their tap room and brewery and really enjoy following their success.


Expecting | Boston, MA | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

Danielle is the owner of a wildly successful home decor shop in Boston, MA called Neatly Nested Decor. 
Her style is impeccable and naturally her home was straight out of a magazine. 
I had the pleasure to photograph their announcement that they were expecting back in the winter on the streets of Boston. They grabbed some coffees from Starbucks and appropriately labeled them "Mom" and "Dad", that session was of course blogged, you can find it here.

I knew I would be coming back to spend time with her in a few months for a maternity session and then again after to welcome her sweet baby. Danielle had envisioned an at home maternity session followed by a walk in Castle Park in Boston. It couldn't have been better. 

This mama is stunning, and I am honored to capture this amazing time in her life. We will meet her baby next month in June. xo


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Why start a Project 365? | Month of January

Ah, personal projects. They're all about growth, bettering yourself, reflecting, commitment, consistency... so on and so fourth. 
I started my first Project 365 back in 2014. It was my first year of really using my camera. I mean using it in the way it was intended to be used, manual and raw. I sought out a new year and vowed to myself that I would shoot everyday to better myself and learn. 
Being self-taught these are the types of projects that help you learn, like a get-your-hands-dirty-not-afraid-of-failing type of learn. There were so many fails in 2014 in my photography journey, and just around the corner there were great successes. I can reflect on my first year with the camera and see my growth, and that's amazing. 

Beyond that... I have moments frozen in time of my little ones. As they were at ages 3 and 1. It's priceless really. 

So I skipped 2015, focused on other aspects of my growth, really dug into the business side of things, and hit some amazing goals. It was my first year in print, I made pro at both Clickin' Moms and In Beauty & Chaos, partnered up with my amazing friend and started shooting weddings, and my own business took off. I am SO grateful. 

The end of 2015 I was feeling nostalgic. I had just finished "busy season" and felt like I hadn't dug into personal work in so long. So.. project 365 (this year 366) seemed fitting.

Why start one? For all the reasons I just mentioned above. Start one for growth, start one for reflection, for commitment, start one to better yourself and your skill. 

This is my month of January. Above all, I started this project again to document these guys. The reason I was given a nice camera Mother's Day 2013.... "to take pictures of my children". 


When you decide to do something like this, it's important to have a goal or a "reward" at the end of it all. My reward will be a big fat album filled with 366+ images from our year together. I'll flip through the pages years from now and remember my  boys as they were at ages 2 and 4 and a big of 3 and 5. How many people can have that? 


So challenge yourself. Don't expect it to be easy... because it's not. Some days I don't even want to look at the camera, touch a memory card, or upload and export on the computer. But it just takes one shot a day. Don't strive for perfection. You're just not going to get it everyday. You'll have favorite shots and you'll have some shots that aren't your favorite. That's okay. I promise at the end of it you'll look back and love the collection as a whole. 


Tips? Of course! Take a shot every morning before the day really kicks off... the light is beautiful, you have a fresh mind, and you'll have one image that will do if you don't pick up the camera for the rest of the day. If you can't upload it, that's fine! Pick a day maybe mid week and upload them in a batch. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, but also get in a habit. Then it just becomes second nature. 

I label each of my images by day so at the end of it all I have a folder on my desktop and it will have all 366 images labeled by day. I'll stick them all on album stomp and BADDA BING! A year in a snap. And it will be SO AMAZING to look back at both your family and your growth for the year. 


If you skipped January and are still thinking about doing this, it's not too late<3
Just pick up that camera and start today. 

The reward is priceless.

My 366 | Week 3

This past week I traveled to Las Vegas for a quick vacation with my husband! I didn't end up using my DSLR but 4 of my images from this past week were taken with my iPhone6 and edited with VSCOcam app. I was happy to capture these shots on my phone and eliminate the pressure of breaking out the big camera on my time off. 
It was a good week :)

15|366 In the clouds

16|366 Nevada Mountains

17|366 Bellagio Magic

18|366 So long Las Vegas

19|366 Home Sweet Home

20|366 Wednesday's with Nana

21|366 The Daily Struggle

Life Unscripted | Vol. 17

January is coming to a close, can you eveeeen believe it?! That means only 2 more full months of winter are left and then Spring will be upon us! Not wishing time away, but I do love me some warmth. Thanks for joining us for our 17th edition of this blog circle! Be sure to follow the circle and head to Karen's blog post here to see what she's been up to this month! She also has an incredible workshop open at In Beauty and Chaos right now and if you're looking to better your skills when it comes to capturing imagery with purpose, that is the course for you! You can register here! Shoutout to Karen! <3

Here's our month in a blog!