Lydia | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Sweet Lydia graced this beautiful family of four early this month and made this beauty a big sister! The last time I saw this adorable family was when Emme, now 2, was a newborn. So happy to be invited back into their home to capture all the snuggles saved up for their new baby girl. Congratulations Beth & Kyle! 


Owen | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Owen. That hair! Ah, this sweet family expanded and brought their first baby into this world just last week. I love the feeling I get when walking into a house of new parents. It's quiet and you can just feel the joy exploding everywhere. I had the best time with these three and wish them all the blessings this world has to offer as they raise their sweet son, Owen.

Landon Grey | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

What's one of my all time favorite sessions? Lifestyle newborn of course...
I've deciided to step away from trying to pose fresh newbies and stick to capturing everything raw and real in their environment. After all, environmental images are some of my favorites and those moments, you can't beat it. I went into this session inspired and left even more inspired than when I walked in... that's a success. They were so beautiful, kind and so inviting. This family of four has a beautiful new addition to their family. Just another new chapter in their story together.

Meet Baby Landon<3


Forest | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn

I can't even explain how sweet and amazing this family is. They welcomed their sweet baby boy, Forest, into the world just 3 short weeks ago. He is beyond precious. His sweet big sister totally stole my heart, too. I told them I'm totally down to babysit, any day of the week. I'm putting it in writing. Maybe they'll take me up on it one day? 

Enjoy all of the sweetness and congratulations to the new family of four. From experience, it's a really great number<3 

Baby Brayden

Meet sweet baby Brayden at 7 days old.
His beautiful mama is a dear friend of mine and I was so honored to capture their first moments home together as a family of three. He is so handsome and I could just feel the love... here's my first blog and some of the images of our session together<3
xo Elise

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