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The importance of a Mama & Me session. I've touched on it before, several times... but I feel like if it was really received well, if it was driven home the way I think it should be, more people would be booking sessions like these.

When I get inquiries from mothers who want me to come into their home and document the love they have for their children, I melt. Really though, I think it's the most incredible thing for a mother to value this amazing time so much to hire a photographer to document it before it passes. Too often I hear from mother's "I wish I had a photograph like that of me and my babies." or "I'm always behind the camera, never in front of it with them." Change that. Once a year, once every other year, whenever you see fit, change it. Make it happen. 
Don't regret what you can so easily change. You're the most important person, soul, heart, thing, being in your children's life... but for how long? When does that change? The thought is daunting, so why not make sure you capture the time when YOU were all that they adored, why not document all of your joy & hard work. Treat yourself to the gift of photographs with your children. If it's not one of your most prized possessions now, it will be later. Freeze the best days of your life, even if it's just for a second. 

These moments are everything. Family is everything. Don't let it pass too quick without documenting it, if not for yourself, for your children. <3

Caleb | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

My first sweet newborn of 2016 couldn't have been more squishy and sweet. He was welcomed home with so much love and joy. He's got a big brother who is already so excited and willing to help momma with the feedings and snuggles. It really melted my heart<3
I am so excited to document more newborns this year and really bright light to all the love that surrounds them. 
Welcome, baby Caleb. You are loved. 

Life Unscripted | Vol. 14

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I was sad to have missed the year anniversary post last month, but I just had too much going on! So this month I am super duper happy to get back into it and share some fall favorites! If you're coming here from Stacey's page, linked here, then I am sure you were left with some jaw dropping eye candy. She is one of my very favorites! 
We have been soaking up the beautiful light and colors of the trees here in New England. It is definitely getting chilly but man is it turning out to be the most perfect fall season, and yes we even got a little snow! My boys had birthdays in September and October and I now have a 2 and 4 year old. Cannot even believe it. Let's get to it,  here are some of my favorites!
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