Life Unscripted | Vol. 17

January is coming to a close, can you eveeeen believe it?! That means only 2 more full months of winter are left and then Spring will be upon us! Not wishing time away, but I do love me some warmth. Thanks for joining us for our 17th edition of this blog circle! Be sure to follow the circle and head to Karen's blog post here to see what she's been up to this month! She also has an incredible workshop open at In Beauty and Chaos right now and if you're looking to better your skills when it comes to capturing imagery with purpose, that is the course for you! You can register here! Shoutout to Karen! <3

Here's our month in a blog!

Life Unscripted | Vol. 14

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I was sad to have missed the year anniversary post last month, but I just had too much going on! So this month I am super duper happy to get back into it and share some fall favorites! If you're coming here from Stacey's page, linked here, then I am sure you were left with some jaw dropping eye candy. She is one of my very favorites! 
We have been soaking up the beautiful light and colors of the trees here in New England. It is definitely getting chilly but man is it turning out to be the most perfect fall season, and yes we even got a little snow! My boys had birthdays in September and October and I now have a 2 and 4 year old. Cannot even believe it. Let's get to it,  here are some of my favorites!
Be sure to follow the circle and check out Diana's blog post next! She will leave you with some beautiful images, too... find her here :)

Life Unscripted | Vol. 12

We are approaching our first year anniversary of our blog circle!! So crazy!! Thank you for joining!! I hope that you've found me through AnnMarie's blog and you're following the circle! If not you can find her blog post here! I love her and her work:) Make sure to complete the circle and see where it all kicked off this month with Karen's blog post! She is quite amazing :) You can find her post here!

We are wrapping up the summer here in New England!! I'm sharing some of my very favorite unscripted moments. Hope you enjoy <3

Life Unscripted | Vol. 11

Thanks for joining us for another month of Life Unscripted! Be sure to follow the circle for some amazing eye candy! If you've came here Sharon Covert's blog post then you know exactly what I'm talking about! If you haven't... head over to Stacey's blog post from Soul Threading, she is such an inspiration! (click the word "blog" to link to their post!)

This month has been so wonderful, not only with my family but also professionally! I learned this month that I was accepted into the pro program at In Beauty & Chaos which is a fabulous forum and place where photographers can learn, grow, inspire and be inspired. This was such a huge goal of mine and I am so excited to have accomplished it! I'm hoping to do some fun things with it in the future<3

In addition to that great news we've just had so much fun this month. Lots of trips to Cape Cod, New Hampshire, the farm, backyard adventures and time with cousins! Here are some of my favorite highlights<3

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Life Unscripted | Vol. 10

Thanks for joining!! If you've come from Sharon's blog, thank you! We spent this past weekend up in New Hampshire and it happened to be bike week! Look it up if you're not familiar...  basically everyone in New England who is motorcycle crazed comes up north and rides all weekend. It's actually pretty crazy and definitely something I enjoyed! 
We also went boating... and that's just the best ever. 
I missed the circle last month but I am so excited to share these images on the blog for June! Follow the circle and check out the talented Natalie of Act Naturally Photography-- follow the circle by going to her blog here.


Life Unscripted | Vol. 7

Another month of this fabulous blog circle! If you're visiting from Tiffany's circle, thanks for following the circle! If not, you should definitely go check out the beautiful eye candy she's shared this month! 
This month is tough. March is NOT my favorite. It is my birthday month, but it's the beginning of the month, which leaves the entire rest of the month long and cold. For lots of you, Spring is in bloom! For us, the snow is still piled on the ground melting every so slowly... I can only hope that April brings us warmer weather and little buds a bloomin'! We did get out for a few warm days.. it was a balmy 40 degrees! haha.. we will take it! 
Here are some of my favorite images from this month... I hope you enjoy! 

Stick around and follow our circle to the very talented and sweet Crystal's post.... Thanks for joining us, Happy Spring!! <3