The Lawton Family | Massachusetts Family Photographer

I bring you this beautiful family who I’ve grown to LOVE and adore over the years. I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking here, but all the heart eyes for these four humans.


Unraveled Retreat Family shoot | Fairview Utah

Ah, Utah. It never disappoints and leaves me yearning for mountains when I get back to Massachusetts.
I had the privilege and pleasure to be invited back to Unraveled Retreat this year for the second time to teach some really incredible students and this beautiful family was so gracious to model for us!

This was a live shoot and I always get a little anxious teaching and shooting because part of my process is to become so immersed and friendly with the family I’m shooting it’s hard for me to think about teaching at the same time! I can’t really express how natural and easy these 5 were in front of the camera, and their three boys explored and played making it the most incredible teaching experience! I am so grateful to the women of Unraveled Academy, Sarah & Co, for this opportunity, I’m grateful for this family being so willing to model and just be themselves, and I am thankful for all of the students who actually want to hear what I have to offer. Because I’ll tell ya something… I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be teaching photography one day.

Without further ado… I present you with the sweetest family of 5 who will become a party of 6 later this year <3

Thank you, again from the bottom of my heart!

Dress: Reclamation


Baby Max | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I’m going to let the pictures do all the talking here… but I want to say that I am so very happy for Elisa and Alex. They welcomed their son Max into this world after waiting so very patiently for him. He slept through most of his session and melted in their arms. If there ever were “natural-born parents”, Elisa and Alex are the definition. All the chill vibes, all the love and happiness… congratulations to this new family of three!


Grace & Liv & Mama | Massachusetts Photographer | Motherhood Session

This beautiful mama who is also a fellow photographer with SO much talent reached out for a motherhood session just two months after her second baby girl was born. I was so excited to meet her and her girls and completely smitten by all their adorableness. Best news? We shoot again in September, with dad, too... and I am so excited to spend some more time with them. For now though, she's got a whole bunch of photographs to print of just herself and her beautiful babies. I can't think of anything better to treat yourself to <3

katrina blog-6.jpg
katrina blog-18.jpg
katrina blog-19.jpg

Carson | Motherhood Short Sessions | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

Baby Carson and his beautiful mama came to my house for a motherhood short session this March and it just solidified my love for motherhood sessions even more. I certainly didn't think that was even possible... 
These sessions are exclusively for mama's and their babies. 
Why should you consider a motherhood session at my home? Here are some reasons:

1.) You'll be so happy you have photographs of you and your baby because baby's don't keep, and how often are you in front of the lens? They are intimate, special and so sweet.

2.) I have a rack of dresses for you to choose from, so it takes the stress out of picking out an outfit! 

3.) With that being said... you also don't have to clean up your home or worry about where we are going to shoot! Everything will be prepared and ready for you upon your arrival!

4.) Since I don't offer "mini sessions" this is the closest to a "mini" in that it's only 30-40 minutes long, more affordable, and the perfect treat to yourself. 

So, how do you book? Visit my website and let's pick a date! <3

I'll leave you with this adorable duo... 

The days are long but the years are short.
carson blog-1-3.jpg

Click Away | Emotive Family | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

I taught for the VERY first time this past month at Click Away Conference in Amelia Island, Florida. I have to say, I wasn't fully prepared, didn't know what to expect, and looking back I definitely could do things in the future to better prepare myself and educate the students that were so kind to take my classes. It still blows my mind that there are people that actually find value in learning from me, and I want to be the best educator I can be, so I think reflecting upon my experience and blogging it here will be so beneficial to look back on in the future. I am SO grateful to my model families for allowing me the opportunity to photograph them, while teaching and letting others shoot alongside of me. 

As you can imagine, shooting while teaching can be a little distracting to the family you're photographing. Directing the family, observing for those candid, emotive and special moments while instructing, stepping aside for students to get their shot, and pausing every few seconds isn't exactly conducive for a fluid session. WITH that being said... this family is one hundred percent my IDEAL client <3

They showed real love, connection, emotion and had fun together. Their love shines through in every image and I couldn't be more grateful to them for allowing me the opportunity to photograph them with so many distractions going on. Stacey and her husband Ben are photographers out of Florida, and their grasp for what's important is held tight. They get it. Photographing people who get it makes every single image come to life and I just love these images we got from my VERY first live shoot-out that I instructed. They are even sweeter than I ever expected, so kind, so beautiful inside and out, and I am so blessed to have met them. So, Stacey & Ben thank you for making it easy. I loved capturing your love.


Lydia | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Sweet Lydia graced this beautiful family of four early this month and made this beauty a big sister! The last time I saw this adorable family was when Emme, now 2, was a newborn. So happy to be invited back into their home to capture all the snuggles saved up for their new baby girl. Congratulations Beth & Kyle! 


Nico | Massachusetts Photographer | Lifestyle Motherhood Sessions

Sweet baby Nico and his momma Danielle were the sweetest way to break in my "in-home studio"  for 2018. I've always been an on-location photographer, traveling to my clients homes, meeting at common outdoor locations, and really capturing the essence of family and love in an environment my client is most comfortable. With the addition of a new sunroom in my Rutland home, I've decided to take a limited amount of motherhood sessions in my home. These lifestyle sessions emphasizing on connection and love will be offered throughout the year at a first come, first serve basis. For more information visit my website or send me an email! <3


Liam | Massachusetts Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Session

The most wonderful thing about my Lifestyle Maternity & Newborn package is that I get to meet a couple, watch their excitement as they are weeks away from welcoming a baby into their lives, and THEN meet that precious babe once they have arrived. As if that's not enough, three, six, nine or twelve months later I get to see how that baby grew and capture another little snippet of their story. 

I get quite a few of these types of clients and watching a couple turn into parents and then being able to witness them grow is truly a gift. I'm grateful. <3 

Jillian's maternity session is linked here.

Congratulations to this sweet and beautiful family of three!

The B Family | Massachusetts Lifestyle Family Photographer

Another fellow photographer contacted me to shoot her beautiful family. Always the best compliment... they drove 2 hours to meet me and they were filled with love and light. I just sat back and watched how they interacted, captured those smiles and hugs and I think the result is pretty special. Here's to your story... your family... and your happily ever after <3

Thank you for choosing me to tell a little piece of your story.

The H Family | Falmouth Beach Session | Massachusetts Family Photographer

I met this family when they were welcoming their sweet baby boy, Grey home. 
He was just weeks old and his two older sisters were completely smitten. I sort of fell in love with these five right away. They were just SO natural and in the moment-- making my job easy as pie.

I was fortunate enough to capture a mama & me session for Krista and her babies back in February and loved everything about it. It was real, raw, natural and so much fun. She shared with me that they'd be moving to Texas in the summer and they wanted to plan one more family session, this time at the beach. 

Man, have I been lucky to have captured some really beautiful moments in this family's life. They left Massachusetts with memories of the beach. With some salt in their hair and sand in their toes and they were off to a new adventure in their new home state of Texas. I wish them all the best, and I will forever be grateful that they came back to me two more times after that first session <3

Cheers to clients that leave a special place in your heart <3

The O Family | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

Family sessions are really simple when families disregard the fact that they're being photographed and live IN the moment. I promise if you engage with your family, run, laugh, be silly and have fun, you'll get me at my best. And me at my best is when your gallery is FILLED with images like these <3

Love this family and cannot thank them enough for trusting me and my process... perfectly imperfect is perfect in my book.

Baby M | Massachusetts Maternity Photographer

Some of my very favorite sessions are maternity. Especially for new parents... there's something about the excitement in their eyes and love they share together that will soon overflow to a little being they've created. These beautiful people are expecting their first baby just next month. They've kept the sex a surprise and I'm 100% certain it will be the best surprise of their life. Congratulations to Jill and Mike. I cannot wait to meet your sweet little love <3

Harrison | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Their first child, their first son, everything about this dynamic brought me back to those feelings I felt bringing home my first little boy. Man, there's nothing better. Diana absolutely killed it in the nursery, making this the most adorable and chic jungle themes I've ever seen. Can't get enough of this sweet session. Congratulations Diana and Nick! xo

Liliana | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

My sweet friend had her beautiful baby girl back in April and watching her smitten in love with her baby girl for an hour was simply the best. Congratulations Kate and Tony! Your family is to die for and I'm blessed to know you. 

Declan | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I have been so behind in blogging and thought to myself, what better way to get back on the train then to share this sweet family? They welcomed their first son, Declan into their home just this past March. This little 6 week old session was the sweetest...

Tripp | Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

 Meet baby Tripp. I had the pleasure of documenting this beautiful mama's maternity images and just recently got to meet her sweet baby boy. I can't express the gratitude I have to my clients for allowing me the opportunity to document their journey through pregnancy and motherhood. It brings so much joy to my life being able to put these little memories together for each and every single family <3

So this blog post is just to say thank you. Thank you for choosing me to document your most precious journey in life. Welcome to the world, sweet Tripp!

Blake | Four Month Sessions | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

This blog post is really just a PSA. What public service announcement you ask? Let me share with you the beauty of a four month session. When you think "milestone" sessions, you think newborn, 6 month or (sitter) and first year. Somehow three, four and five months get lost in the mix and I swear to you they're my very favorites! 

This is Blake at four months. She is bright eyed, chubby, interactive and seriously the sweetest most adorable little thing. It's the perfect time to capture the beauty of your scrumptious babe <3
They are eager to smile, grab their toes, interact with their mamas and family, and really just all around delicious. 

So if you haven't seen a 4 month session before, and you're curious to all of my hype over them. Look no further... here's Blake, long live four month sessions- the essence of "baby."