Project 52 | 2015 WEEK 1 Central Mass Lifestyle Photographer

The first week of 2015 has come to a close and I have decided to start a Project 52 this year which will encompass my favorite images from each week! Sometimes I will have a handful of images, other weeks I may only have one! I committed to a Project 365 last year and I'm still working on finishing it up. I realized that taking a picture a day is in fact achievable, but editing, posting and sharing it may not always be. A project 52 seems much more attainable, and I will be able to choose my absolute favorites, which makes it a bit more exciting for me!

Here are my first images of the new year. They are mostly of my youngest son, Dean. He is starting out the year at 14 months old. He's happy, sweet, cuddly and so much fun. He started out his first year of life facing a few obstacles. Dean was born with a Cleft Lip and Palate and had to undergo three surgeries at 2 months, 5 months and 8 months of age. It was so difficult to see him go through them, but he came out of each one a fighter and we wouldn't have changed a THING. He was blessed with the best surgeon in the game, Dr. John Mulliken at Boston Children's Hospital. This man is truly gifted and put on this earth to help children like my son. We are forever thankful for him. Anyway, Dean is starting this year with NO surgeries ahead of him. He will spend this year being a sweet one year old with nothing but trouble and fun to get into. He is a blessing and I love him so.