Life Unscripted | Vol 19

Thanks for joining in another month of our blog circle! If you've been sent from Stacey then thank you for checking my post out! If not, hit her up and see what gorgeousness she's captured this month by clicking here.

March is almost over! Yippeeee! Not that I'm wishing months away here, but April is the true signs of Spring and I'll always take the warmer weather over the cold. It means more time outside and less inside in pj's on the days that we are together throughout the week. We planted seeds this month and plan on a vegetable garden this summer! We are so excited to have gotten some sprouts in just over a week! It's a rewarding and exciting project that we all are able to take part in. 

Aside from that we've nursed colds, spent lots of time indoors playing and celebrated Easter with our family. It's been a good month overall and we are welcoming April with open arms! Here's to Spring and all things fresh and new!

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