Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer | Why Lifestyle?

There are so many amazing photographers out there. There is so much talent and so many different styles it's hard to choose. 
Let me tell you why lifestyle is my favorite. 
First, your home is the most comfortable place you and your family could be. There is no pressure on what to wear, no stressing about coordinating outfits, making sure the kids are fed and well rested so they don't have meltdowns, there is no loading them in the car and traveling to a location and gathering everyone to make them stay put and get that "perfect" family photo. 
Instead, lifestyle sessions are  simple. The photographer comes to you. I come to you. I let things unfold naturally. Of course I'll provide a little guidance and I am open to any ideas you may have, but as a whole, the pressure is off. 
I really hone in on your moments together. The tickles, the cuddles, the snacks, the chaos, all of the things that make your family unique.

Secondly, these sessions document the moments that otherwise don't get documented. These sessions really capture the essence of childhood at home, and will truly be a treasure in years to come.

This particular session happened to be the week of their 3rd birthday. 
Mama had some ideas in mind. She had let me know she wanted her baby girl in her wedding dress and she also made the decision to get some photos in the tub once I was there.  Easy peasy. She wanted to kiddos to be the main focus... she emphasized that they were turning three, and in a few short years the last of the "baby" in them would be long gone. What's so amazing about these sessions is we can really make anything happen. I'm yours for 2 hours and we can do anything your heart desires. 
Play inside or out, bake, read, have a bath, snuggle, take a nap, whatever it may be that you want captured.... it can be done all in a sweet lifestyle session. 

These images capture their daily life. The memories that you'll have when your kiddos are grown, in the comfort of your own home, the four walls built around your loved ones. They're treasures. And I love being able to document sessions just like this. <3