Massachusetts Newborn Photographer | Fresh 48

Fresh 48. What is it? So many people are unsure about this type of session so I'd love to explain it a little deeper.

Fresh 48 is my very favorite session for families. It's a small moment in time when the world stops and you're just completely focused on this new life you've created and welcomed into your loving arms. Documenting this time in your life is truly amazing. Looking back on images of your child's wrinkly and fresh baby feet, or how small their head is cradled in dad's hands are priceless. These are the details you'll long for and wish desperately to get back. Capturing them and having a professional do nothing but seek these moments out for you to keep forever is a gift!

A Fresh 48 session is taken place during visiting hours only. It is a quicker session as it is under an hour and it is solely to capture the beautiful moments of those first few days of life. It is intimate and it is surreal and there is truly NOTHING like it. Nothing posed, nothing forced, just straight joy and beauty. 

I had the honor and pleasure of photographing my best friends baby just hours after he entered this world. Their first born. I can't express the joy I felt walking into that room. It was quiet. It was emotional and it was happy. So very happy. 
He was born after the sun went down and I went back a few days later. I'm so happy to hand these over to them. 

A session definitely worth considering <3