Jess & Eric | Engaged | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

These two. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to photograph people who are totally into each other and IN the moment. That's what I'm after in 2017. I'm after all these amazing feelings I can just bring out in photographs... I'm into love, family, connection and memories. Give me those pieces and I'll put together something for you to keep close to your heart always, always <3

Can hardly wait for their wedding next year...


Massachusetts Wedding Photographer | Kelly & Dylan

Back in OCTOBER, yes, October, I had the pleasure of documenting these two and all their oozing love for each other. Why did I wait so long to blog it?! I do not know. All I know is it's being blogged now and I love it as today as much as I did then. 
These lovebirds were the EASIEST most awesome people to shoot. They just totally went with the flow, loved on each other and kept it laid back and comfortable. This is the result of their attitudes:

Excited for their wedding this summer<3

kelly and dylan.jpg