The Business details

We are a community called Greater Good co., all of us our Young Living distributors who fell in love with this lifestyle and the meaning behind it. We support one another all while empowering wellness, sharing our love of oils, and a non-toxic, healthy lifestyle. If you fall in love with your kit like we all did after purchasing it, then you might want to know how to make a business out of a passion. We will help you! It’s the best chance I took, and could be yours, too!

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why greater good?

We believe that oils and non-toxic living is so much more than peace of mind. It’s changing the way we advocate for ourselves and our families, making us more self aware and in tune with what we are using day in and day out that may be causing us harm. We believe the non-toxic movement is for the Greater Good of planet earth and all that live & breathe on it. So join our movement and let’s do this, together.

What do you need to start the business?

Believe it or not, to start the business you just need to be a wholesale member. How do you become a wholesale member? With a Premium Starter Kit! Once you get your starter kit, we’ll help you find your “referral link” this is your own personal link you can share with friends and family who might want to start their healthy living lifestyle with a kit, too!


Your starter kit comes with 11 everyday oils, a diffuser, a thieves household cleaner sample and two NingXia Red packets. You’ll also be added to our community of knowledge and support!

Our community

You’ll find education, answers to your questions, product classes online, coaching and so much more all within a private Facebook group with content created just for you to build your business!

There is no pressure whatsoever to sell, everyone is working towards their goals at their own pace and using their own unique skills and personality to get them there! We are here to help you with the tools you need to grow, and there’s no better way to do this than with like-minded individuals all after the same thing. Wellness, abundance, and community.