How do I get started?

Okay, you’re interested in getting started in a healthier lifestyle using essential oils, but you’re not sure of your options. Let’s break it down for you!


Buy a Premium Starter Kit

Purchase a starter kit, and become a member! You’ll get wholesale cost (24% off retail) on everything and join our wellness community!

  • Order whenever you like, no order minimum, and no annual renewal fee.

  • Wholesale members can sign up for Essential Rewards. This is an optional/customizable monthly autoship box you can change each month and earn percentage back for doing so!

  • There is never an obligation to sell oils as a wholesale member. Getting a kit doesn’t mean your signing up to “sell” or “do the business” however, that door is always open if you’re looking to walk on through and join us!


Become a Retail Customer

Buy oils at retail cost (pay 24% more than a wholesale customer)

  • No obligation to purchase a starter kit. You can order what you need anytime, at retail cost.

The retail option makes it easy to get the oils you need at the time you need them!


Join the business with us!

Joining the business is completely optional and so easy! All you need is a premium starter kit to make you a wholesale member!

I will add you to our Greater Good business community where you’ll have all the information and education you need to get started with a business of your own!

Check out the Income disclosure statement to learn the earning potential!